How long can void security tape be used?
Guangzhou Saier Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Co., Ltd. branded void security tape has relatively long service life than that of other different brands. Since the productivity and sustainability of our business depend on the performance of the merchandise, we attach great Importance for their reliability and lifespan. With technology capacity, we continuously search for increased reliability for our goods and reduce the risk of expensive failures.

Saier, as a pioneer in the field of manufacturing hot stamping foil products, invests a lot in product R&D, designing, and manufacturing, and this is why it takes superiority in the market. The security labels series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. The design of Saier scratch stickers is completed by our famous designers with innovation in minds. It is processed using precision die-cutting and scraping ink technology. The product is energy saving. It spends the minimum amount of energy to complete its tasks. It accounts for reduced energy bills. It comes with the highest standard of quality commercial print.

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